Switching Jobs? Here’s a Checklist of Things to Do Before You Leave


Have you ever moved from one house to another, and while packing things up, realized that you had a lot more stuff than you had previously thought? Moving from one job to another is similar in that there are quite a few steps to take – and oftentimes, we don’t know what those steps are. If you’re transitioning to a role at a new company, use my checklist below to make sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted! And if you haven’t yet, check out my article on the 9 Important Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer.


1. Write and Submit a Resignation Letter
Draft a formal resignation letter addressed to your direct supervisor. This is an important document because it is a written record of your resignation, confirming that you delivered key information about your departure to the company. For more on what to include in your resignation letter, see my other article here.


2. Hand-Write Thank You Cards
Take a moment to personally and sincerely thank the teammates, managers, and leaders who created an impact (whether positive or negative) on your experience with the company. A handwritten card is something they can keep and fondly associate with you. These letters can help maintain the relationships you have established with your colleagues and ensure you leave on a positive note.


3. Send a Final Thank You Email to the Entire Team
While it is possible that your team is so large you will not be able to handwrite thank you cards for each colleague, you want to make sure you do not burn any bridges. Send a thank you email to the whole team, showing your gratitude for all the opportunities you have experienced at the company.


4. Gather and Return Your Work Materials
Collect all your work materials, such as your laptop, corporate card, and phone, and return them to a designated team member or HR member. Withholding materials containing confidential or sensitive work documents is probably not a good idea.


5. Check in with HR
As a best practice, connect with someone from HR to see if there are additional, company-specific tasks you should complete to ensure a smooth transition. Get your remaining PTO paid out, ask if there is anything you need to do to roll over your 401(k) to your new employer, and so on. Your HR team members are the experts, so they’ll be able to help you finish everything you need to do.


6. Schedule Final Meetings
To leave on a final high note, schedule one-on-one or group coffee breaks and lunches – maybe even a celebratory happy hour – to celebrate all the good times you have had at the company and communicate how grateful you are for the wonderful experiences you’ve had. This is a time to personally tell important colleagues how much your professional relationship means to you.


Goodbyes are always bittersweet – so make sure that if and when you leave your current employer, you do not burn any bridges by forgetting to address the items in the above checklist. I am so excited for you to start the next chapter of your career – let me know how everything goes!

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